Plant Growing from Book

August 2021 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Welcome to August 2021 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz!

We are into our second month of Hybrid … Worship and Small Groups!  If you are new to our website, we invite you to share your contact information with us under “Contacts” to receive the latest recurring link to Worship, and updated information on Small Groups.  Join us as you grow deeper in your faith. Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to grow with us.

Rainbow Heart

Our Zoom Small Groups continue every Tuesday; first, third and fourth Thursdays, and on Wednesday mornings. Enrich your spirit; let us know how we can support you!

Take a peek at our Hybrid Worship for August . . . .

Boat on Lake

August 1st – Communion – John 6:24-35. For the next two weeks we hear about Jesus being the ‘Bread of Life’.  Does Communion speak to you?   How have you come to your belief system? Was it the result of miraculous signs, ongoing growth and faith development, a personal or spiritual experience, or some other way(s)?  How are you intentionally growing in your faith, and what can we offer to support you on your spiritual journey?

August 8th – John 6:35, 41-51.  How did you experienced the ‘living bread’ this week?  What are the ways you have been aware of your spiritual growth in the last month?  How have these experiences informed your interaction with your neighbors and the world around you?  What spiritual coping mechanism allow you to not get ‘stress out’, but grow deeper in sharing the grace of God with others?  What gets in your way of remaining centered on your faith journey?

Anadama Sour Dough Bread, courtesy of Joseph Jacobs
Plant Growing from Book

August 15th – I Kings 2:10-12 and 3:3-14. We hear about King Solomon over the next two weeks.  Solomon asked for a discerning mind when he became King, following his father, David’s reign for 40 years.  Think back 40 years ago (or at a significant moment in time when you were making a major decision/life choice).  What do you remember asking for/yearning for in that time?  What resulted from your yearning?  If you were to prayerfully ask God for something now (with that wisdom you have acquired over time), what might that “something” be?  You can still spiritually mature; what are your possibilities?

August 22nd – I Kings 8:1. 6, 10-11, 22-30, 41-43. Where are you finding God most present in your life?  What are the ways God extends a welcoming/forgiving presence though you to others — even if they are from another faith tradition or have different cultural values than yourself?  How is God calling you to be welcoming of a sojourner as you encounter one another on the journey of life?

Labyrinth from our Wednesday Small Group Walk, Spring Street entrance of Pogonip near UCSC, courtesy of Pastor Jay
Fig Tree
Figs on the East Side of Santa Cruz, courtesy of Joseph Jacobs

August 29th – Song of Solomon 2:8-13. This rarely read book of the Bible could provide great insight to us as we begin and continue to nurture our most intimate relationships.  It is the celebration of love; spiritually and physically, with all the senses!  Love is clearly to be celebrated, glorified, and encouraged!  What are the experiences of love that you observe?  What adjustments need to be embraced so that love can be affirming and enriching and safe?  What are the ways we can confirm that love is love and Do No Harm?!  What love(s) needs to be affirmed in our time?  What harm(s) need to be eliminated so that we can embrace the positive nature of love?