Rainbow Over Church

June 2023 at the United Methodist of Santa Cruz

Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz, as we seek to be faithful to God by being fully inclusive.  We have open hearts, open minds, and open doors.  Join us as we deepen our resolve to share love generously.  This is a time for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and the world as we grow deeply in our faith.

Join us as we seek to build relationships with spiritual depth, reaching out to the world.   

We remain committed to offering a healthy and safe ministry in the midst of this COVID Pandemic, offering Hybrid Worship and Hybrid/Zoom Small Groups.  Check out our website for the latest information, and “Like Us” on Facebook!   

Rainbow Cross

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to grow with us!

June 4 – Trinity Sunday & Peace with Justice – Pride Sunday – Communion

Genesis 1:24-25, 27a

Rainbow Over Church

For this week only, service starts at 9:45 am.

We gather to celebrate Hybrid Communion Worship together, and then join in the Pride Parade in downtown Santa Cruz at 11 am.  Genesis 1:24-25, 27a and 31a will inform our time together the Goodness of God!  God confirms that all of creation is birthed in goodness and grace!  May we fulfill that goodness in all we say and do! (Zoom folks, please remember your ‘holy snack’!) 

June 11 – Matthew 9:9-13 and Genesis 12:1-3

Matthew 9:9-13 and Genesis 12:1-3 will inform this Sunday of ministry together. After 10 years, God has called us to serve with mercy and grace in a new way.  Our world is still in desperate need of healing grace and mercy!  As the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz prepares to welcome new pastoral leadership with Kangse Lee and Maria, God’s grace and mercy will continue to thrive!  We have much to offer!  May all be well!

Flowers and Lighthouse garden
Photo by Joseph Jacobs

June 18 – Isaish 43:19 and Exodus 14:5-15

Stream through field

Haley Feuerbacher will provide leadership during these next two weeks as we continue to prepare for this pastoral change on July 1.  Isaiah 43:19 and Exodus 14:5-15 will guide our journey as we hear about transitions … our fears of entering into the wilderness of the in-between; loss and change and the fire of the Holy Spirit allow God to plant and grow … as we become co-laborers to create “something new”!  Join in this transition; be openly blessed!

June 25 – Isaiah 43:19 and Acts 2:1-4

Isaiah 43:19 and Acts 2:1-4 remind us that there are two types of fire… the kind that destroys, and the kind that releases life – impassions us – lights our way into a new future.  How will we be joining God to do a new thing in this new appointment year beginning July 1?  May we give gratitude to all that came before us, releasing what no longer serves us, and rising into the courage to embrace holy change!  May we move forward into ‘that which we do not know’ … and trust God in the process!

Distant mountains

May you find the welcoming place of God as you invite others to share this journey!