Open Doors

August 2023 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to grow with us!

Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz, as we seek to be faithful to God by being fully inclusive.  We have open hearts, open minds, and open doors.  Join us as we deepen our resolve to share love generously.  This is a time for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and the world as we grow deeply in our faith.    Join us as we seek to build relationships with spiritual depth, reaching out to the world.   We remain committed to offering a healthy and safe ministry in the midst of this COVID Pandemic, offering Hybrid Worship and Hybrid/Zoom Small Groups.  Check out our website for the latest information, and “Like Us” on Facebook!

Rainbow Cross

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to grow with us!

August 8

Wrestling with Our Hunger

Matthew 14:13-21

Our hunger for God is not only met when we gather for worship but also when we are at work, when we are in fellowship, when we engage in conversations and build relationships, when we serve and love as we are sent to do.

August 13

What are You Seeking?

Matthew 14:22-33

Now, we ask not just what does God look like or how do we recognize God’s presence in the world, but what would the world look like when it is aware of that presence? What would we look like, what would our community look like if we really believed what we say about Jesus and about grace and salvation?

August 20

Is it Fair?

Matthew 15:21-28

When we are truly seeking the face of God, we go beyond fair and move into grace manifested in love in all our relationships.

August 27

Who do You Say?

Matthew 16:13-20

Out of nowhere, it seemed, as they traveled along, Jesus asked his disciples a question of identity. “Who do you say that I am?” It’s a question we must answer again and again as we seek to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

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