Association of Faith Communities

September 2021 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Welcome to our September 2021 edition of activities at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz!

As this Pandemic continues to linger, we are maintaining our Hybrid Status in Worship and Small Groups!  If you are new to our website, we invite you to share your contact information with us under “Contacts” to receive the latest recurring link to Worship, and updated information on Small Groups.    Join us as you grow deeper in your faith.    Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to grow with us.    Our Zoom Small Groups continue every Tuesday, Wednesday mornings, and the first, third, and fourth Thursdays.  Enrich Your Spirit…with us!

Take a peek at our Hybrid Worship for September . . . .

Western Service Workers Association

September 5th – Communion –  Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23.  On this Labor Day Sunday, we explore our common denominator.  How do we maintain a common thread to our humanity as we struggle with so much diversity … and … animosity in our community and our world?  In our Diversity … where is our Humanity?!  And in this mix, where do we find God? 

This illustration comes to us by way of the Western Service Workers Association website, by CF Payne.

September 12th –  Luke 14:12-14.  We are blessed to have as our speaker, Sam Altis, new to the Association of Faith Communities (AFC).  Sam will share spiritual updates and insights about our Unhoused Community and the work of AFC to address homelessness in Santa Cruz County.  His message will reflect on “It’s All Relational”.

Association of Faith Communities

September 19th – Mark 9:30a, 33-37.  Do you experience many “for the sake of argument” discussions?  While in discussion, do you find yourself escalated to the point of a ‘win or lose’ argument?  In such a situation, are you able to “remember yourself” as the “place where Jesus welcomes God in our midst”?  Remember, that the least can serve the most.

September 26th – Esther 7:1-6, 9-10, and 9:20-22.  Do you have an Anniversary Date where you remember ‘putting to rest the troubles you had with an enemy’?  Do you remain faithful to that anniversary experience?  There is an anniversary date commemorating this experience of freedom for Queen Esther and her people…a time of giving thanks to God and letting go.   Such ‘remembering and letting go’ can be a spiritual gift as we live into our future…. 

This picture of the Ester message, is a wood engraving after a Gustave Dor print

Ester Message