Open Dorrs

July 2021 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Stined Glass Window

July 4th – Communion.  Mark 6:1-13 invites us to revisit what it is like to gather once again in person after this long period of sheltering-in-place. 

We remember that Jesus was not welcomed in his hometown. 

He left the dust from his feet in that community, gathered a following of faithful disciples, and sent them out to care for all whom they met.

How are we challenged to share our faith in new and inviting ways? 

What will be our way of Spiritual Welcome in this new era? 

July 11th.  II Samuel 7:1-13 reminds us that David was obsessed to provide a Sanctuary for God.  Yet God was interested in how David would care for God’s people.  As we enter into this Hybrid Time of Spirituality, interacting with people in person and on Zoom, how will we ensure care for one another in our community and throughout the world?  What will be our focus in this near era?  Are we envisioning where and how we will grow — the substance of our growing in faith with God and one another?!

Church with Rainbow
Sunbeam on Pond

July 18th.  Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 provides us with the understanding and the challenge of how to “spiritually feed” people on their journey of life, as well as how to care for the healing of so many people … locally and globally.  Pat and Bob’ picture caught the essence of this concept.  How can we be instruments of God’s healing in our own lives as well as in the lives of our neighbors . . . .

We are living in the reality of a post-shelter-in-place, as we witness the reality that sickness and unrest are still surrounding us.  What are the ways God is calling us to respond?

July 25th.  John 6:1-14 invites us to literally feed those who are seeking to spiritually grow as well.  Jesus asks us to serve; to sit with those in need; to gather up the leftovers and to share what we have.  As we maneuver past sheltering-in-place, where will we find our strength and our resolve to answer “YES!” to this call to grow and serve with grace and understanding.  What resources and commitments will we personally need to share the resources God has given us?