News of Live Worship service!

Dear Faithful Community,

Grace and Peace, even during this time of great uncertainty and changes! I hope you are well, and that “Shelter At Home” is not too much of a burden! This is our new reality!

We trust that if you are in need of food or medication, and you are unable to leave your home, that you will make contact with me on my cell phone; we have people who have offered to serve those in need. Please do not hesitate to let me know; arrangements for your care will be made!

I am excited to report to you that we are preparing to use “Zoom” on Sunday for worship and will also try to work out details to create opportunities for Small Groups to meet by Zoom. With Zoom, you may access our on-line worship service from the comfort of your own home, using your computer/laptop/iPad/iPhone.

You may choose to be “just audio” or “audio and picture”. Colin will be sending out an email today with an invitation to join Zoom. Before Sunday, simply follow the directions; if you have any difficulty, please let me know. There will be a group of us doing a test run tomorrow to address any issues before we launch our worship service.

As we approach our worship time of 10:45, you may follow the directions on that invitation, and be a part of worship – even as we “shelter at home”. That’s Zoom! We can have up to 100 people at this gathering – imagine!!! So, if there is someone you know who would like to participate, please let us know by email, and we will send them an invitation (this will be an ‘obligation-free’ invitation!)

You remain in my daily prayers. Colin and Gina join me in being in ministry in a variety of ways. Please continue to explore ways to “be church” to one another and beyond!

I ask that you continue to pray and take care of yourselves in this time of the Corona Virus. I also ask that you include, especially tonight, the ministry we are continuing with our Shelter Guests tonight. While so many of us are housed in the comfort of our homes, there are many in our community and throughout the world, who are living without permanent shelter. And please, continue to pray for our medical responders and those in need of healing for any reason.

Loving Peace be upon your hearts, in your prayers, and expressed through your actions; Healing Peace, Pastor Jay (831) 334-4287

Coronavirus and Sheltering in Place

Beloved Community of the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz
Grace and Peace to You in this time, as we learn to live differently with the Corona Virus around us.
Hopefully by now, you have become aware that we are in a state of “Shelter In Place”; for your safety and the safety of others, we are curtailing most of our activities here at the UMCSC. We are trying to work out details that will enable our community to meet and stay in contact, virtually. For those who are using computers and smart phones, this will be easier. For others that are not using the latest technology, we are working out another way to stay in touch.

No Formal In-Service Sunday Morning Worship.
All Small Groups can meet “on-line”.
We will keep you posted with updates and information by way of email, Facebook, and our website.

Sunday On-Line Worship is being offered for everyone by Los Altos United Methodist Church, either as a Livestream or through their Archives; Senior Pastor Kathi McShane is a wonderful pastor, and I believe you will appreciate what LAUMC is offering to everyone who participates. Go to:

We will be offering daily postings on our Facebook page; please “like us” and share this information with your friends. We will be working to keep our Website current.
You may subscribe to other Spiritual on-line daily devotionals including:
The Upper Room Daily Devotional (
For Lent, we are using
The Center for Action and Contemplation (with Richard Rohr) (on-line daily devotions).
We are working on creating podcasts/livestream events.

Megan B Holland suggests texting covid19 to 211211
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)
CA Department of Public Health (

There have been three families in our congregation who have offered to be resources for our Senior Families who are homebound; they can deliver food, medications, and provide other resources. Please be in contact with Pastor Jay by cell: (831) 334-4287.
Pray … Write Letters … Use your phone to make contact with others … email/text/or make contact via social media. We are setting up a call/visit system, and if you would like to participate or need assistance, call Pastor Jay.
If you are a Small Group Leader, offer to be in contact with your small group on a regular basis.
Spend time doing the things “you’ve always said you need to do…”; clean out that closet, read that book, write that letter, make that phone call, do that yardwork, cook that meal, finish that prayer shawl, participate in centering prayer (there is a phone app for this!) … so many opportunities!

For those who have no home to retreat to … we are their shelter home one night a week.
We are working out the details of how to proceed, but we will continue to offer care for our Shelter Guests on Friday nights … please contact Pastor Jay to help.

More information is forthcoming.
Know that the grace of God is present even when we are in the midst of the struggle!
Love is present … prayers are evident … kindness is a gift we can share.

Peace, Pastor Jay

Lent 2020

We begin the Season of Lent … 6 weeks!

Lent recognizes the last days of Jesus’ life, when he empowers his followers to take our faith deeply inside, and to listen and share from that deep place of grace.  Jesus takes on his own deep faith, and from that place, we experience the ultimate grace of forgiveness.  We will move with Jesus to Jerusalem, to the triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, through the Holy Week experiences of the Passover, Good Friday, and finally the Celebration of the Resurrection on Easter.

This is a time to remember who you are … you are a Beloved Child of God … you are of Sacred Worth!

We are all born equal; we live in diversity; and we end our days in the grace of God.

Each Sunday we will offer worship that will include prayer from the ancient text of the Psalms, and an engaging opportunity to experience the narrative of scriptures from the perspective of the characters who interacted with Jesus.  Other services will be offered in April; we will let you know!

Lent is a time to let go of anything that hinders you and embrace the grace of God in your life!  Come.  Make the journey.  Invite others to join you walk that walk toward grace.  You are not alone!  You will walk with Love!

Ash Wednesday 2020

Wednesday, February 26th, begins with Ash … remember who you are … you are a Beloved Child of God … you are of Sacred Worth!

Join us in the Sanctuary at noon for a brief but meaningful opportunity to begin your journey .

The United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

250 California Street

Come join us for Sunday service

Sermons include related scripture readings. Come hear how these readings relate to pastor Jay’s sermons. Recent scripture readings include:

Mathew 3:13-17, Baptism

Isaiah 49:1, 49:6, John 1:35-42

Mathew 4:12-32

Celebrate the Epiphany with us!

After the 12 Days of Christmas comes Epiphany … when the “Three Kings” (sometimes called The Magi) bring gifts to the Baby Jesus.  Celebrate with us on January 5, 2020.  Start your spiritual journey in style at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz, 250 California St., between Laurel and Bay. Worship with seasonal music begins at 10:45 am.  An Adult Small Group begins at 9:15.

Be apart of the Christmas Season!

Join us, and invite your friends and family to Christmas Eve, Tuesday Evening December 24, at 7 pm, as we sing Christmas Carols and hear the Christmas Story, special music for the season and messages about hope, peace, joy and love by Pastor Jay K Pierce.  The United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz is located at 250 California St., between Laurel and Bay; parking is available.

Join us to continue celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas as Alyss Swanson leads us in to celebrate Creation with the singing of Christmas Carols; Sunday, December 29, at 10:45 am.

Advent 2019

Preparing the Earth for New Birth

Come join us as we prepare room in our lives for the Birth of Jesus, by being mindful of the many issues that affect our future – especially the Climate Crisis and caring for the Earth. To this end we are naming this Advent season “Preparing the Earth for New Birth.” We are committing ourselves to greater care for our Spiritual Home and our Earthly Home into 2020 and beyond!

Sunday, December 1- 10:45 am – Advent Hope for Our Earth

Sunday, December 8- 10:45 am – Advent Peace for Our Earth

Sunday, December 15 – 10:45 am – Advent Joy for Our Earth

Sunday, December22 – 10:45 am – Advent Love for Our Earth

Tuesday, December 24 – 7 pm -Christmas Eve Candlelight Service of Carols

Each week we will focus on new ways to honor our Spiritual Home and our planet Earth, as we follow the path Mary and Joseph took towards Bethlehem. We will journey with Hope (in our prayers for today and tomorrow), Peace (in our hearts), Joy (in our actions and experiences) and Love (for our family, our community, and the ways we bring Jesus into our everyday lives).

Join us as we engage in activities that call our attention to God’s place in our lives … our plans include a self-guided tour of Neary Lagoon; a wholesome earth friendly luncheon; reading of devotionals by Frederick Buechner; a writing campaign to our legislators; contemplations to deepen our spiritual well-being; and practical methods we can use to respond to the care of our climate and Earth.

We will culminate this Advent season with a heartwarming Candlelight Service of Carols on Christmas Eve at 7 pm. Please invite your family, your friends and your neighbors to walk this journey with you, as we learn to care more deeply for our Spiritual Home, our community home, and the natural world we call the Earth.

Merry Blessings to you this Season!

– Pastor Jay and the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz.