Lent 2020

Lent 2020

We begin the Season of Lent … 6 weeks!

Lent recognizes the last days of Jesus’ life, when he empowers his followers to take our faith deeply inside, and to listen and share from that deep place of grace.  Jesus takes on his own deep faith, and from that place, we experience the ultimate grace of forgiveness.  We will move with Jesus to Jerusalem, to the triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, through the Holy Week experiences of the Passover, Good Friday, and finally the Celebration of the Resurrection on Easter.

This is a time to remember who you are … you are a Beloved Child of God … you are of Sacred Worth!

We are all born equal; we live in diversity; and we end our days in the grace of God.

Each Sunday we will offer worship that will include prayer from the ancient text of the Psalms, and an engaging opportunity to experience the narrative of scriptures from the perspective of the characters who interacted with Jesus.  Other services will be offered in April; we will let you know!

Lent is a time to let go of anything that hinders you and embrace the grace of God in your life!  Come.  Make the journey.  Invite others to join you walk that walk toward grace.  You are not alone!  You will walk with Love!