News of Live Worship service!

Dear Faithful Community,

Grace and Peace, even during this time of great uncertainty and changes! I hope you are well, and that “Shelter At Home” is not too much of a burden! This is our new reality!

We trust that if you are in need of food or medication, and you are unable to leave your home, that you will make contact with me on my cell phone; we have people who have offered to serve those in need. Please do not hesitate to let me know; arrangements for your care will be made!

I am excited to report to you that we are preparing to use “Zoom” on Sunday for worship and will also try to work out details to create opportunities for Small Groups to meet by Zoom. With Zoom, you may access our on-line worship service from the comfort of your own home, using your computer/laptop/iPad/iPhone.

You may choose to be “just audio” or “audio and picture”. Colin will be sending out an email today with an invitation to join Zoom. Before Sunday, simply follow the directions; if you have any difficulty, please let me know. There will be a group of us doing a test run tomorrow to address any issues before we launch our worship service.

As we approach our worship time of 10:45, you may follow the directions on that invitation, and be a part of worship – even as we “shelter at home”. That’s Zoom! We can have up to 100 people at this gathering – imagine!!! So, if there is someone you know who would like to participate, please let us know by email, and we will send them an invitation (this will be an ‘obligation-free’ invitation!)

You remain in my daily prayers. Colin and Gina join me in being in ministry in a variety of ways. Please continue to explore ways to “be church” to one another and beyond!

I ask that you continue to pray and take care of yourselves in this time of the Corona Virus. I also ask that you include, especially tonight, the ministry we are continuing with our Shelter Guests tonight. While so many of us are housed in the comfort of our homes, there are many in our community and throughout the world, who are living without permanent shelter. And please, continue to pray for our medical responders and those in need of healing for any reason.

Loving Peace be upon your hearts, in your prayers, and expressed through your actions; Healing Peace, Pastor Jay (831) 334-4287