November 6, 2022

November 2022 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz, as we seek to be faithful to God by being fully inclusive.  We have open hearts, open minds, and open doors.  Join us as we deepen our resolve to share love generously.  This is a time for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and the world as we grow deeply in our faith. 

Join us as we seek to build relationships with spiritual depth, reaching out to the world.    

We remain committed to offering a healthy and safe ministry in the midst of this COVID Pandemic, offering Hybrid Worship and Hybrid/Zoom Small Groups.  Check out our website for the latest information, and “Like Us” on Facebook!  

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to grow with us.

Rainbow Cross

November 6th – All Saints Sunday – Communion – Luke 20:27-38

November 6, 2022

In Luke 20:27-38, we discover that our God is the God of Life, whose Love Never Ends!  This odd parable about marriage in the face of death and dying, has Jesus expounding on “why we ‘worry’ about ‘the afterlife’ instead of living faithful and spiritual lives now?!”  We remember the lives of those who have touched us and taught us to be people of faith.  We praise God by caring for our neighbors and living with justice and peace in our loving hearts.   Celebrate The Feast this day; zoom participants … fix a ‘holy snack’!

November 13th – Veteran’s Day Remembered – Isaiah 12:1-6

Isaiah 12:1-6 reminds us to proclaim God as our Comforter!Live in God’s saving grace with strength and mercy!  Work to bring joy into each and every day!  Live in gratitude and peace, so that our world may find and live God’s healing touch!  Allow yourself to an instrument of God’s healing peace in your daily journey.  Be a gracious witness to your faith in all that you say and do! 

Our visual this day comes from Joseph Jacobs.

Veteran's Day

November 20th – Celebration of Thanks and Praise – Deuteronomy 26:1-11


Deuteronomy 26:1-11 reminds us that God is the creator of all goodness and grace.  How do we return thanks and praise for the gift of life that we share with others?  We remember to share what we have; to welcome the sojourners on this journey of life:  the immigrant, those who are estranged, persecuted and abused!  We know this land in which we live is filled with the substance of life:  milk and honey!  We are invited to share; to return our thanks and praise; to be responsible to our siblings in life who are especially suffering in this time of life.  We are called to be gracious even when our times are desperate.  May we work together as we remember to share the gift of life!

Our visual this day comes from Joseph Jacobs.

May we find the welcoming place of God as we invite others to share in this journey of the Spirit!