Ice Cream Social

October 2022 at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz, as we seek to be faithful to God by being fully inclusive.  We have open hearts, open minds, and open doors.  Join us as we deepen our resolve to share love generously.  This is a time for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and the world as we grow deeply in our faith. 

Join us as we seek to build relationships with spiritual depth, reaching out to the world.    

We remain committed to offering a healthy and safe ministry in the midst of this COVID Pandemic, offering Hybrid Worship and Hybrid/Zoom Small Groups.  Check out our website for the latest information, and “Like Us” on Facebook!  

Rainbow Cross

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey,you are welcome to grow with us.

October 2nd – World Communion – Luke 17:5-7

Ice Cream Social
Photo courtesy of Joseph Jacobs

We welcome Jon Visitation, Spiritual Care Counselor for Hospice of Santa Cruz County.  We look forward to engaging with Jon’s message, “Leftovers Anyone?”.  Our focus will be on God asking us to always look forward, be visionary, be creative.  Jesus uses the “leftover” stories of his day to powerfully reach out to others in our time. 

Come and feast this day!

October 9th – Luke 17:11-19

We begin a three-week focus on planning for ministry in 2023.

Today’s focus is on Faithful Mercy.  This parable is about healing.  Healing can be about mercy.  Like so many spiritual gifts, mercy is “unwarranted”; so very unexpected!  When have you experienced mercy in your life?  Are you in a spiritual place to offer that kind of mercy to others?

Faithful Mercy

October 16th – Luke 18:1-8

This image is entitled “Persistence in Pursuit of Justice: A Feminist Interpretation”; artist unknown

Today we focus on Faithful Persistence.  Do you find yourself sticking with something even when you find yourself struggling?  Do you find yourself giving up…or perhaps giving yourself time to find another way to address the situation?  Do you ask for help, or do you rely solely on your own abilities?  Becoming spiritually aware/savvy can make all the difference in the world!  Becoming “aware” is a process.  Take time for prayer and spiritual development … answers come! come!

October23rd – Luke 8:9-14

Today we focus on Faithful Sharing.  We live in a culture in which we compare ourselves to others.  We judge others and ultimately judge ourselves.  Are we worthy?  Are our neighbors worthy?  We do not have to judge!  We can share our giftedness without being diminished.  Come share your gifts from God from a spiritual place of humbleness.  What gift(s) do you bring?  Be prayerful and mindful as you gratefully share!

Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire England

October 30th – Luke 19:1-10

Blessing of the Animals

As we celebrate the Blessing of the Animals, we are also called to be mindful of “seeing Jesus”.  For Zacchaeus, “seeing Jesus” literally meant having to climb a tree in order to “see”.  No matter our size or our motivation, we are invited to come and be a part of the empowering ministry of Jesus.  God sees the very center of our being, where we are invited to grow and share God’s grace!  We are all part of God’s Beloved Community!  What a reforming thought!  Share this Good News!

May we find the welcoming place of God as we invite others to share in this journey of the Spirit!