Welcome to Epiphany and Ordinary Time 2022!

Join us at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz!

We remain committed to making healthy adjustments to our activities, to keep people safe as this pandemic continues …

We offer you Hybrid Worship and Small Groups; In-Person and on Zoom; Singing!   

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Our Zoom Small Groups continue every Tuesday; first, third and fourth Thursdays, and on Wednesday mornings; Hybrid options are available for many of our Small Groups.

Safe Communion is offered on the 1st Sunday; Indoor Masks; Outdoor Masking is based on your comfort level; Passing of the Peace and Prayer Stations are interactive. 

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Our Thanks to Pat Verheul for sharing her photograph with us (above).  

Take a peek at our Hybrid Worship for January: 

January 2nd –  The Celebration of the Epiphany – Communion will be served.

The Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to celebrate the birth of Jesus; these were gifts representative of the needs, ministry and spiritual presence of Jesus.  What are the gifts you affirm in your life and plan to share with the community and the world?  Is there a spiritual practice you wish to explore in this new year that will help you and the world continue to find healing for yourself and the world?  Allow Matthew 2 to inform your spirit as this new year begins.

  January 9 – It’s 2022!!

Here is our opportunity to make a fresh start!  Today we will celebrate a “Reaffirmation of Baptism” based on both Isaiah 43:1-3a and Luke 3:15-17, 21-22.   We live by an ocean.  We’ve seen lots of rain this season!  What changes will we make in our lives to be the change we want to see in 2022?!  Prayerfully consider that question.  May we be the change we want to see happen.  What will it take to make that change happen in us?  Are we working prayerfully with God to help make a difference in our world?  

January 16th – Human Relations Day – This is the first of six yearly special offerings. 

Today we explore the “Spiritual Gifts of the Spirit.  Ponder what gift(s) you have been blessed with:  wisdom … knowledge … faith … healing … being a miracle worker … prophecy … the discerner of spirits … the understanding of language … the gift of interpretation

We shall recognize the gift of leadership in our congregation…and give thanks!

January 23rd

What is the Good News in our time?

How do we discover it… follow it… ‘BE it’?!  Jesus reads from the words of Isaiah as recorded for us in Luke 4:14-21.

How are we helping to bring Good News …to the poor …release to the captives …sight to those who do not see …liberation to the oppressed?

Do we see this in our lives as being a time of “God With Us”?  And what are we doing about that ‘Good News’?!

January 30th –  Luke 4:22-30 

Jesus nearly gets pushed off a cliff … he nearly gets run out of town.  However, Jesus teaches us how to be empowered … how to face our truths … and grow from being defeated to enlightened … to grapple with deep truths that may hold us back from being ‘the child of God’ that God envisioned us to be from our birth.  We can face our demons.  We can address injustice.  We can be an example to others of God’s Healing Spirit!  Come and learn!  Grow in God’s Grace!