Lent 2021

Welcome to this Season of Lent

In 2021, allow these days to become a Spiritual Season for Healing.

Traditionally, Lent begins with the Service of Ash Wednesday, where we confront our own mortality, and confess our waywardness to God within the community of faith, reflecting upon our life with Jesus during his journey of redemption.  The color of the season is purple, reminding us of Jesus’ passion.

Lent traditionally begins with the Service of the Imposition of Ashes on the forehead, reminding us of repentance and reconciliation, the “giving up” of our ways which separate us/do harm to God, ourselves, our neighbors, and the environment.  Preparation for the Christian Commitment through Baptism was made during this season, as well as an opportunity to return to the spiritual center of one’s core being. 

Lent is the opportunity for you to have a “Spiritual Tune-up”, and to deepen your relationship with God and one another, to seek forgiveness, and to live toward the renewal of freedom found at Easter.

In this time of Pandemic, the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz is making changes to the Season of Lent for the purpose of safety.  We are emphasizing our need, and the world’s need, for Physical and Spiritual Healing.  We have offered ‘Lenten Bags of Healing’ which provide opportunities to focus on the nurture and healing of yourself and the woundedness of our world.  We are inviting you to spend time each day to be part of God’s Healing Touch.

As you journey through this season of renewal, may you reflect upon the light of God’s redeeming love in Jesus Christ during these 40 days and nights, remembering how Jesus spent time in prayer and contemplation, resisting the temptation to follow his way rather than serving God and neighbor, healing, and teaching.

The Monterey Circuit Area United Methodist Churches have provided a Virtual Ash Wednesday Service (see link below) for your use.

Ash Wednesday Worship

May God’s Healing Touch Be Yours in this Pandemic Lenten Journey.

Pastor Jay K Pierce

United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

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