Pentecost and Beyond

Greetings from the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz!  We remain Sheltering In Place through the month of June … even as the Winds of the Spirit come among us at Pentecost on May 31st and the months that follow!

We invite you to gather with us on Sunday mornings for Zoom Worship at 10:45 am.  If you are new to Zoom, contact Pastor Jay with an email message about worship or any other inquiry on our Website.  Simply go to “Contact” listed on the top of this site to share your request. 

We anticipate adding additional Zoom Small Groups to our current offerings of Tuesday Morning and 1st and 3rd Thursday Evening Upper Room, and Tuesday evening Centering Prayer. 

Coming online will be a Zoom Sunday Morning Upper Room beginning on June 7th, and a Zoom Bible Study on the Gospel of Mark (TBA).

We are also beginning a trial Zoom Small Group entitled “Disciple Like Jesus”.  When the trial is over, we anticipate offering this Small Group on a regular basis.

There is also interest in resuming our in-person, 6 feet apart Walking Small Group on Wednesday Afternoons at 1 pm; please let us know of your interest!

As the Spirit of God empowers us to stay focused on our health and well-being while also praying for our sisters and brothers throughout the world, we continue to care for our Sheltered Guests on our Church Properties, while also praying for sufficient affordable housing in our area.  We also offer our Pray Box at the entrance of our parking lot on California Street.

Coming soon will be the opportunity to continue sharing your support of the ministry of Jesus, as we will soon be offering an electronic donation option on our website through PayPal.  Your supportive generosity of our ministry is most appreciated.

 May Loving Peace guide your Spirit, as the Jesus in you meets the Jesus in others – even with as mask on, six feet apart! 

In Grace, pastor jay