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UMC Santa Cruz

Building Use Policies and Fee Schedule

UMC Santa Cruz Use of Buildings and Grounds Policy

  1. The User of Church facilities releases the Church and holds the Church harmless from any loss, damage, injury or liability to persons or property arising from use of the Church facilities by the User or his/her guests. A certificate or other evidence of liability insurance shall be submitted at the time of payment of the use fee. The United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz shall be named as "additionally insured" on such policy and coverage is to be not less than $500,00. In the event user does not have liability insurance, a one day event policy may be purchased through the Church for $125.
  2. The User shall reimburse the Church for any damage to Church property arising from his/her use of the property. The User must report such damage immediately to the church office.
  3. No smoking is permitted within any of the buildings. No alcoholic beverages or 'recreational drugs' will be permitted anywhere on the property, including parking areas.
  4. The use of amplified sound requires a "Sound Amplification Permit" (SCPD-037) from the Santa Cruz Police Department. The facility user is responsible for obtaining this permit and all associated costs. Facility user shall be responsible for all costs associated with Police Department responses for loud and/or unruly behavior.
  5. Permission for use of church piano, organ, audio, or visual equipment shall only be granted by prior arrangement and may include additional cost to facility user to compensate an operator.
  6. Use of kitchen may require the supervisory services of a hostess and such arrangements shall be made and paid for in advance.
  7. Decorating may not be done in a manner that may deface surfaces or obstruct exits. All decorating material shall be removed at the conclusion of the meeting or event. All flammable decorating materials shall be fireproofed.
  8. No electrical appliance consuming more than 1500 watts shall be connected to any outlet without prior approval.
  9. In addition to Building Use Fees, a Security and Cleaning Deposit will be required. Refunded deposits will be available to the facility user during regular church office hours (Tuesday-Friday, 9am-12:30pm), upon verification of facility’s post-use condition. If necessary, charges for cleaning and/or repairs will be deducted from the deposit. If expenses incurred by the Church exceed the amount of the deposit, the facility user agrees to pay the additional amount. A description of deductions to the deposit and additional charges being billed to the facility user will be provided in writing.
  10. All facilities use fees are due at time of reservation. In the event of the user canceling the reservation, 10% of the use fee is non-refundable if the cancellation occurs less than 10 days prior to reserved date. Otherwise the use fee will be refunded to the user in full within 10 business days of cancellation.
  11. User must be willing to provide proof of exempt status when claiming a reduction in scheduled fees as a charitable or religious tax-exempt organization with federal tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code 501C3 and California franchise tax exemption under Revenue and Taxation Code 23701(d).
  12. If user receives monies from a third party in connection with its use of Church facilities, the church requires that monies be in the form of a "donation" or "contribution" to the user.
  13. The Church reserves the right, with proper notification, to change room assignment if necessary to accommodate Church needs.
  14. The user understands that the Church reserves the right to cancel its permission to use the facilities upon reasonable notice and refund all usage fees, should the Church determine that the facilities are needed for Church use. In case of the user's failure to observe the requirements of this agreement, permission of use can be cancelled without notice.
  15. The user is responsible for verifying condition of facilities prior to their use, for securing a key from the Church Office, and for returning the key to the office upon termination of the contract. The user will not access the facility outside of the hours described in the reservation. Keys shall not be duplicated.
  16. Reservation time frame shall include all set up and preparation as well as tear-down and clean-up.
  17. User shall exercise reasonable care in protecting the facility and its contents from damage. All tables, chairs, books and other property shall remain in their respective rooms. Thermostats shall not be tampered with.
  18. User shall turn on lit "fire exit" signs in all occupied spaces
  19. Unless advance arrangements for full custodial service have been made, the User shall prior to vacating the facility:
    • Return tables and chairs to their original places in storage and/or about the room
    • Clean all areas used, including tables and floors
    • Extinguish all candles
    • Place all trash and recyclables in proper containers
    • Remove all leftover foods
    • Clean up trash, cigarette butts, etc. from around building
    • Kitchen, if used, restored to original condition, appliances cleaned and turned off.
    • All rooms checked for non-occupancy
    • Turn off lights
    • Close and lock all windows and doors

Fee Schedule

Sanctury $160
Fellowship Hall $60 per hour
Kitchen $100
Security Deposit $100
(The Security Deposit will be returned to User upon: return of key, verification of the condition of of the space after use.)